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8 Tips to Travel Like a Pro

September 04, 2022 3 min read

With Covid-19 restrictions easing in most places, travelers are returning in earnest by the end of the year, with nearly one in three Americans found to be traveling alone this year. So here are 8 tips to reboot your traveling like a pro. P.S., I may have forgotten how to travel since lockdown :)

  1. Bring a multi-plug. Power plugs are hard to come by in most places. You may need to charge your cell phone or computer at the outlet, but someone may be using it at the moment. With your own power plug, you can say, "Hey, can we share this outlet?" And you wonโ€™t be searching the whole place just to find an available spot. Tip: Get your own colored plug so you can easily identify it as your own.

  2. Get an inflatable travel pillow that fits your sleeping style. A good travel pillow makes a world of difference on long journeys. Ideally, a pillow supports your neck and body, allowing you to sleep in a relaxed position even during cramped and uncomfortable air travel, without having to wake up the next day with a headache or pain.

  3. Bring earplugs. Never leave home without them. Because not everyone can afford a kick-ass noise canceling headphones. So instead, I found these big, cheap foamy things that do a really great job of blocking out the really stressful airport noise, announcements, etc. There are even times where shouting happens especially in crowded areas or whiny kids that simply annoy you. These foam earplugs just do the trick. Well, the noises are not completely canceled out, but it just might reduce your anxiety overall.

  4. Get stretchy and durable pants. Depending on your travel plans, get ones that are stretchy, tear-resistant, and dry-fit. It is common to find yourself in places with weather changes drastically or in unpredictable conditions where your clothes get soiled easily. It's easy to feel very tired from such things. Therefore, wearing comfortable clothing, especially trousers, can be very helpful. Wearing additional black leggings helps because you perspire, and there are times when it was simply impractical to take a shower.

  5. Pack a spare set of light clothes in your hand luggage. This is especially useful as lost luggage has become quite common affair. So, even if your package does indeed go missing, you'll have the chance to change clothes, and you'll have more time to deal with the emergencies the next day. I usually carry 2 sets.

  6. Please bring a foldable tote/bag. This is useful if you travel light and don't want to carry everything with you every day. Pack just what you need to make your city trip a breeze in this small luggage rack. For hiking, it doesn't make much of a difference. You'll need a duffel instead.

  7. Plan your return upon arrival. Another tip is to always plan your return once you arrive. Most people are in a hurry to pick up their luggage or leave the airport, so I like to look around. See where the gate is. Because this is probably the gate to come back to. Check your terminal. What are the amenities? If you have a little more time, are there any nice restaurants to eat before your flight? Are there any nice shops? Do you have a massage place? That way, you'll have a good idea of the timing as well as the amenities on your way home. We are estimating how long it will take to get through the terminal. I also estimate the time it took to get from the airport to the hotel.

  8. It's not very common, but I bring along an interior organizer. As I want to have everything ready for the next day, so that I don't have to waste time looking around for small items which can be hidden inside the bags. I bought an interior organizer to make it easier to sort small items. Now you can see the contents of the bag at a glance. Try it out to be more efficient. I learned of this need when the customs officer asked me to unload everything in the bag, and it was such a hassle to put it all back together.

With these tips, you can easily navigate and communicate in one place. We hope you find these tricks interesting and come visit our store. As we continue to expand, we will continue to add legitimate reviews to sourced items. Have a nice trip!

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